Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why you must stay away from negative people

The idea for this article came up after chatting with a very close friend, who for years was hanging out with negative friends. They almost destroyed her life. I was able to talk to her to help her move into the right direction.

1) Negative people. They can be your coworkers or friends. Even relatives. Negative people will alaways talk you down. They will criticize you and judge you, no matter if what you did was right or wrong. Don't believe everything they say. The more you hear their comments, the sooner you will end up believing them. Know that everything they say is not true. They are just their judgements.

2) They don't want you to improve and change your life. They want you to stay at their lower level, and they will try anything to keep you in the lower level. Call it sabotage, manipulation, even abuse. Please learn to see the signs and get out of these toxic relationships as soon as possible. They will make you feel guilty, angered, sad, not worthy, etc.

3) They will get you involved in their drama, and get you to waste your time focusing on their problems. Don't waste your time with negative people like that! Time is too short to be wasted by people like that. Think of your precious time. Use your important time to achieve your dreams and goals!

4)Do you feel the same way? I feel tired, as if my energy was drained after hanging out with negative people. Learn to say 'no' and find any excuse to get away from them as soon as possible. Don't spend too much time talking to them. They are like energy vampires. Protect your positive energy, and find like minded people to hang out with! Find people who enjoy the same hobbies you do, and think the same way you do. I love hanging out near positive people. They accept me the way I am, we can laugh and be happy all together without the need to be criticized, or be talked down to. Life is so much more fun and amazing when you are surrounded by positive, like minded friends. What I found out is, you feel energized, after hanging out with positive people.

5) Save yourself the drama, arguments and confrontations that come up when hanging out with negative people. Why not live a stress free life, away from all the negativity?

When you surround yourself with like minded, positive people. you can achieve so much more, have more fun and even enrich your life. They can also help increase your self esteem and self confidence.
Please recognize the negative people in your life. Avoid them, don't talk to them. If you truly want to live a successful life, avoid them at all costs. Stay positive, think positive and surround yourself with positive and smiling people. Watch how your life starts changing and you start attracting better things into your life.

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